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How to Install SSL Certificate in HostingSpell using cPanel?

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Installing SSL certificate on your website using HostingSpell cPanel is as easy as 1, 2, 3 so let’s get started. First thing first you have to login to your cPanel account. If you are not sure how to login to your cPanel then refer to below tutorial first then come back to this tutorial to successfully install SSL certificate on your domain


Note: Before you start installing SSL certificate your DNS must be pointing to our servers. Please check email for name servers information and change your name servers. If you are not able to find email in inbox then please check your spam.

If you are not sure how to change name server then refer to our tutorials for changing name servers using below link



If you already know how to login to cPanel and changed your name servers then follow below steps

  1. Search for Lets encrypt in cPanel

search lets encrypt


2. Click on Lets Encrypt SSL


click on lets encrypt


3. After clicking on that you will see list of domains and issue button click on issue button right beside domain on which you want to install SSL certificate


4.  After clicking on Issue button don’t change any configurations /settings just click on orange issue button


5.  After clicking on orange issue button you should see following message “The SSL certificate is now installed onto the domain “crazyranker.io” using the IP address “”. Apache is restarting in the background.” [Note: IP may very as we have multiple server and instead of crazyranker you should see your domain]



Congratulations You have successfully installed SSL certificate!


Please feel free to contact us through live chat/ email / ticket system if you need help.

Email: Support@hostingspell.com

Thank you,




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