Story of HostingSpell

Originally in 2015, we started providing web hosting services with the name WebRevol: Web Revolution. It was a major success for us and we escalated to this industry swiftly. Though it was our beginning with Reseller Hosting and we were wanting fundamentals of Support as well as managing records effectively.

It was about to change, In 2017 we started HostingSpell and Nimit Joined us willingly, he is a technical geek and was promoted in the industry of backend programming and DevOps. This time we started with a European provider and used Management System: WHMCS. It was at that time hard to manage to cover the cost of the entire setup but we prolonged ourselves and welcomed all challenges in the process.

Nothing goes as planned in our industry, you can now understand the title flawlessly! In the middle of 2019, Shakti joined us willingly, He is quite good and one of the best Fullstack Developers, with capabilities of Hardworking and Major Grasp of Industry.

Our path was challenging but quite wonderful with a deep learning curve, On the verge of 2019, Ishan was quite busy with his own life and with the only valid solution, he left HostingSpell. At that time Keyur Joined the team obviously voluntarily and took over the SEO and Marketing aspect of HostingSpell, he is one of the best SEO Experts in India. His understanding of SEO and Capturing Leads is a decisive victory for us.

At the introduction of 2020, Dhruv joined the team voluntarily to provide us a second hand with managing our branding and exhibition it in the global market. We completely changed our core infrastructure as well as the systems that manage our servers.

From the beginning to the day we have stood up to many up and down in this industry but nevertheless, always deliver the best to our clients no matter what and how. Our infrastructure and philosophy both work to empower our customers with infinite potential to achieve success. Our creed will never break off and you will never stop :)

Thank You & Regards!

- Dhruval J.

Founder & Director, HostingSpell IN.

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Who Behind HostingSpell?


Pretty much crazy stuff is done by us! We are responsible for hosting more than 60,000 websites like news & media sites, banking portals, and thousands of enterprise sites, blogs, apps, and also hobby sites!

There are 4500+ domain names on the internet registered with us. We use the cloud Infrastructure of more than 11 Datacenters going across all 6 continents. We have customers from 57+ countries worldwide.

We offer them hosting services. Sounds like a great thing? that's what we do, and we love it!


4 Jobs. 3 Locations. 1 Team

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Content Creator Part Time Rajkot/Ahemdabad
WordPress Tech Support Specialist Full Time Remote
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