We are here to inform you that we have finally pushed new things into our infrastructure and part of it starts from changing our State-of-The-Art Bravo & Alfa cPanel Server with Titan cPanel Server. Apart from that, we are also leaving the Echo & Albany Server. 

Is it bad or good? Well, we are very excited and happy for these upgrades. We have a few things you need to look before we start >>

  • These processes are the up-gradation of technology and infrastructure
  • There will be Zero Downtime in these processes
  • Don't update anything inside during these processes, we suggest you notify your visitors these as maintenance break
  • There will be no data loss in migration
  • There will be no technical issues after the processes
  • However, we are here if you require any assistance
  • These processes will take place at midnight at 11.30 PM of 06-03-2020(Tonight) Indian Standard Time(IST) So you will be required to follow the below-mentioned instructions after we start the processes from our side.





  • In these processes, the customers of Alfa & Bravo Servers who are using nameservers ns1.fivecron.com, ns2.fivecron.com is NOT required to change any nameservers. That nameservers IPs will be changed with Titan Server's IP so it will work seamlessly.
  • For the customers who are using ns1.cloudns.io, ns2.cloudns.io Nameservers and Echo & Albany Servers are REQUIRED TO CHANGE nameservers to:




These NS will continue your website(s) on Titan Server as usual.

  • With all of that in mind, our customers who are using Custom DNS Records using all/any cPanel Hosted under Alfa, Echo & Bravo Server will immediately be required to change there Custom Records of old IP: (Old) to be changed with new server IP: (New) By changing IP for Custom DNS Records your site will function normally.
  • cPanel Login Link for Titan will be https://titan.int3rnet.net:2083

If you find any issue or difficulty after the migration is done. Feel free and please Create Support Ticket.

There is nothing extra for you as customers need to take care of, Meanwhile, your cooperation and patience will be appreciated.

We will take care of everything for you and we assure the best service from us :)


- Team HSPL.


Friday, March 6, 2020

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