Hey Folks, 

We have updates for HostingSpell's Upsilon, Venus & VPS Customers, we are rolling out brand new server to welcome new clients. Because of that Our service at HostingSpell DigitalOcean(UK, CA, USA & India Based Rely Point) and above-mentioned services will fluctuate during process. Please note that minor Downtimes are expected during process.

It's recommended to take manual backups to your Local PC if any issue comes after process on websites youccan always restore it, However we are already here to help you & we'll try to keep fluctuations to it's minimum.

We sincerely apologize for the Mr. Ishan Patel to leave us from today. We Heartly Thanks Mr. Ishan Patel to lead us to glorious journey of HostingSpell.com. We are also looking for new Design and UI/UX for HostingSpell.com, if you have any suggestions let us know via Client Area Ticket, we'll appreciate your efforts. 

Best Regards 
Dhruv from HostingSpell.com

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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