• Thursday, February 4, 2021


Our DigitalOcean Server R074 or referred to as Bhisma is now transferred to Linode. There are significant requirements to upgrade providers due to heavy bans imposed by the Indian Govt. on DigitalOcean's IP Blocks.

Constant IP Blocks reduce the reliability of our customers' websites hence decreasing SEO Quality and Mail Deliverability. So we are shifting the Indian bulk of DigitalOcean to Linode. However, do note that the other location of DigitalOcean with us is not changed or not planned to change since there are no requirements. These locations are the UK, US, and NL.

The current change on R074.BLR is now shifted to S329.BOM7.

The new IP is

Linode is better than DigitalOcean in some aspects like:

  • Storage as NVMe SSD compared to DO's SSD Storage
  • DDoS Protected Network compared to DO's Standard Network
  • Better IP Class Blocks compared to DO.
  • More CPU Cores per Cluster with more RAM.
  • Latest CPU Generation compared to DO.
  • Location as Mumbai compared to Bangalore in DO.

If you have our Nameservers then you are not required to do anything. however, if you use IP to point your website then you need to update IP. for ex. in Cloudflare.

If there is any issue on your website then keep calm and create a support ticket. We are available to help you.

As Always Happy Hosting :)