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Difference between HDD VS SSD VS NVMe SSD

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Today everyone is familiar with the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and SSD (Solid State Drive) but only few people know about the NVMe SSD which is way way more than HDD and SSD.

I will be sharing the complete results of HDD , SSD and NVMe SSD IO tests

First I would like you to take a quick look at the image which will surprise you?

[image source: https://photographylife.com/nvme-vs-ssd-vs-hdd-performance]



This image is quite true. This image clearly stats that HDD has 103 MB/sec read speed and 96 MB/Write speed. On the other hand SSD has 5 times better performance compared to the HDD. This image clearly shows that SSD has read speed of 558 MB/sec and write speed of 532 MB/sec which is 5x more faster than SSD.

Now NVMe SSD performance will surprise you NVMe SSD has read speed of 2591 MB/sec and write speed of 1544 MB/sec. NVMe SSD is 25x more faster than HDD and 5x more faster than just normal SSD. Now you know the difference between HDD, SSD and NVMe SSD


Lets actually perform the test and quickly check the performance of HDD, SSD and NVMe SSD which will give you better understanding.

1. HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

First we perform the speed test in the enterprise HDD which we use only for backup purposes.  We got the 178 MB/sec speed which is almost 2x speed than shown in above image for HDD because we are using enterprise HDD which is faster than normal HDD. We have huge backup space capacity and we are starting hourly backups.


2. SSD (Solid State Drive)

We actually don’t have normal SSD so we will be not able to show you the performance of SSD but the performance of SSD is shown in the very 1st image is quite true. We only have HDD and NVMe SSD. We use HDD for backup and NVMe SSD for providing web hosting service which includes shared web hosting, re-seller hosting and VPS hosting. But remember one thing SSD is 5x faster than normal HDD and 5x slower than NVMe SSD



As mentioned earlier NVMe SSD is 25x faster than HDD and 5x faster than SSD. You can take a look at below image to see the NVMe SSD performance. NVMe SSD here provides the speed of 1.5 GB/sec which is amazing


I hope now you know the difference between HDD, SSD and NVMe SSD

Fact: HostingSpell is providing web hosting service on NVMe SSD and using enterprise HDD for backup purpose. Just try web hosting service at you will be amazed by performance and support from the HostingSpell.

Thank you for taking your time to read this article. Please feel free to contact support if you have any question for us.




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