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How to connect to secured HostingSpell VPN using Pritunl

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How to connect to HostingSpell Secured VPN using Pritunl


HostingSpell is leading web hosting provider and serving in more than 11+ countries across the globe. Many of our customers are facing login issue due to frequent IP change. In solution to this problem we are providing free secured VPN access to our customers

How can I avail free VPN from HostingSpell?

Please email us from registered email on support@hostingspell.com and provide your full name and you should get reply soon with VPN credentials.


Now let’s jump into connecting with secured HostingSpell VPN


Step-1: Download Pritunl using appropriate link and install

Pritunl is available for the both windows and mac so here you will get link for each os to download VPN. Please download Pritunl using appropriate link.

Download Pritunl for Windows

Download Pritunl for MAC


After downloading Pritunl install it.


Step-2: Download Your OpenVPN profile from email

You will get an email when you will request access to secured HostingSpell VPN and you will get attached file download it on your computer. It may take upto 24 hours to deliver your VPN access once you request it.

Step-3: Click on Import Profile

Open Pritunl and click on Import Profile button


Step-4: Browse the downloaded file

Browse the file which you downloaded from email to access the secure VPN.


Step-5: Click on 3 grid button and then click on connect




















Step-5: Now you are connected!

It may take a bit depending upon your network speed. You should see following screen




















You are connected to the VPN. Please feel free to contact support if you still have any question.


Thank you for taking your time to read this article.


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