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HostingSpell Backup System – Securing Your Work Because We Know How Important It Is

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HostingSpell Super Powerful Backup System

We know how important your work is and how valuable it is so at HostingSpell we designed super powerful backup system and algorithms. We keep your backup up-to 1 year and it is accessible within just a click or you can also restore within just one click.


HostingSpell Various Backup Schedules

We will show you how our backup system works and its schedule so you can have better understanding of our backup system and how we secure your work.

1. Hourly Backup

We backup your entire account every hour in case if something goes wrong you can restore with in just one click and it takes only seconds to restore your full account. This backup job is designed specially for developers and dynamic website or businesses who have a lot of changes or a lot of database transactions every second and can’t afford to loose last 24 hours data.

You can select what you want to restore so for example if you are developer and you are developing a script and you found a bug something went wrong then you can just restore file backup which will restore your all files and your database and other things will be as it is so basically you will recover your last hour script which was running fine.

As mentioned earlier it is very easy to restore your full account or to download full backup. It is just a click away. Check below image

Retention Policy : 24 Hours (24 Backups)


 2. Daily Backup

Daily backup secures your all work on remote data-center location everyday. In case of hazard we are able to restore our whole server within minutes and all websites will be up and running with in a few minutes. You can also use daily backup but it is better to use hourly backup to ensure your latest work is restored. In addition to that all of our backup stored on remote locations are encrypted which can be decrypted using secured key only. So even if remote backup server is attacked and if attacker gets access to the remote server your data will be not readable without secured key.



In above image highlighted backup is part of daily backup schedule.


Retention Policy : 15 Days (15 Backups)

3. Monthly Backup

We also takes backup of your entire account every month. This backup is useful if you need 12 months old backup as we keep this backup for 12 months. So for example if you are doing something and you want to see the previous version of your website which was updated 10 months ago you can download or restore backup and check it. Once you are done with checking you can again restore last hour backup which is your latest work. Generally it is good idea to download 10 months backup on your local machine and run it.

Retention Policy : 12 Months (12 Backups)


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