How to Add Subdomain in cPanel

Hey there, Subdomain is an essential part of the domain. It can help you to specify and divide your website into the partition like It’s best practice when you don’t want to use directory formate such In some cases, You need to do sperate SEO practice for your subdomains so keep that in mind! Check out this blog post for more details: Guide 1) Impact 2) SEJ

To Add/Create Subdomains in your cPanel is easy, Follow below-mentioned steps…

  1.  Go to cPanel and type Subdomains in the search bar as shown below.
  2.  Now add text/keyword of your subdomain inside the first text box as shown below. NOTE: If you have multiple domains inside your cPanel then you have to choose a domain name.
  3.  Press Create button and after a moment you will be notified with success message.

Success: “” has been created.

That’s it you’ve successfully added Subdomain for your domain. You can visit the same page to modify subdomain regarded settings further.



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