How to change name servers in GoDaddy?

Changing name servers is a little bit tricky for new users in GoDaddy. Login to your Godaddy account. After logging into your account go to my products

  1. After that you will see your list of products and if product is domain then you will also see DNS button along with list click on it

2. Then you should see page similar to below with name servers and change button. Click on change button.

3. Select the custom option as shown in below image and then enter your new name servers which you received through email.

4. After entering your name servers click on save as shown in below image

Important Note: We have multiple servers and your name servers are exactly the same as above is not guaranteed. Please check email and change your name servers accordingly. 

And that’s it for changing name servers. You can verify name server changes using Intodns

Please note that name server change may take 24-48 hours. If you are seeing that your name server is changed but still you are not able to access your website then please try to surf using Proxy it can be because of caches and all and it will start working on your local desktop or mobile very soon.

You can also try running ipconfig/flushdns command from cmd if you are using windows and then try to surf in private window in browser.

We hope this article helps you and if you still have any question then pleas feel free to contact us through live chat, email or ticket system.

Thank you very much for taking your time to read this article.

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