Queries Regarding Nameservers of HostingSpell

It’s not one day, we get hundreds of queries regarding nameservers, like what is nameservers? how can I find nameservers? also, which server I’m using right now!

Basically we use WHMCS at the end and it sends automatic Email once your order is accepted. You check the email inbox for nameservers. Also, you can check which server you are using by just checking the URL Bar of any browser.

Check Server Name by the help of URL Bar in Any Browser

It’s quite easy now you know which server is hosting your website. Now you know which nameserver will be yours to add 🙂

All Nameservers(HostingSpell) by Server:

Titan(Germany) Mainframe Server >>

Bravo(UK) High Resources cPanel Server >>

Thunder(UK) cPanel Standalone Server >>

Echo(UK) cPanel Standalone Server >>

DA(UK) Direct Admin Standalone Server >>

This are all Nameservers listed you can copy it and place it to your Domain Registrar Panel on the first 2 textboxes. Leave other textboxes empty, Save It and…

Happy Hosting 😉

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