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How to Reset Password of cPanel

Nevertheless easy or hard customer’s job is to ask! Don’t worry this guide will help you to not reset cPanel as well as Client Area(In our case it’s WHMCS) password without any hassle! It’s quite easy to reset the password for both, even resetting password in Facebook is more complicated than this! Pick Any of […]

cPanel Guide SSL Certificates

How to: Lets Encrypt SSL Installing in cPanel

Hi, Installing SSL Certificate is a pain for the newbie! It’s basically not easy to follow tasks since it’s instructions change for a platform to platform. While Lets Encrypt SSL Installing in cPanel is sort of easy to install since it can be installed via plugin under cPanel. The steps mentioned below required cPanel at […]

cPanel Guide

Best Practice to start hosting on new cPanel

Hi, I’m Dhruv from HostingSpell, I’ve been working with cPanel and Linux Environments for 5 Years. Here I’m listing some of the best things you should do as soon as possible when you receive your cPanel details, it’s before you upload or deploy your website or create it online in the first place. cPanel is […]